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The varicocele results from dilatation of the veins passing through the scrotum, which contains the testicles in men, and this is due to relaxation in the valves of these veins draining the testicle, and this results in a backflow of blood towards the testis, which causes great pressure on the walls of those veins and thus makes weakness them expand and by time, these veins clump and cause what is known as varicose veins. It is one of the most common sexual problems that males suffer from at almost all ages, and most of the time it does not affect erection.


The Varicocele is a serious problem because of its increased incidence among males at rates up to 20% around the world, and its complications (symptoms) are :
a severe localized pain in addition to pain in the lower abdomen, and it may extend to the lower back. These lumpy veins rise in temperature, which leads to the death of sperm produced by the testicles, which means that fewer of them reach the uterus during sexual intercourse, and in some cases, it may lead to a shrinkage in the size of the testicle and may lead to its atrophy over time, which causes it to lose its function over time.


The first step to get rid of varicocele is to consult a doctor specialized in the many treatment plans for it. There are multiple methods of treating varicocele, ranging from surgical intervention and laparoscopic treatment to pharmacological treatment.