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The strong relationship between urology and general surgery is one of the most important reasons for distinguishing Dr. Salah, who specialized in urology and treatment of infertility and all sexual problems and fertility in men, in addition to treating the lack of sexual desire in both men and women

Treatment of urinary tract infections

Among the most common diseases that adults and children suffer from are infections that are related to the urinary and reproductive system and cause many forms of pain. Their danger lies in the complications that arise as a consequence of the initial infection. In many cases, these infections may have the largest role in the problems of infertility, lack of sexual ability, lack of erection, and premature ejaculation.

Adrenal hyperplasia treatment

It is one of the reasons that may lead to infertility, as studies have shown that a large percentage of infertility cases are caused by the congenital enlargement of the adrenal gland due to a lack of certain levels of hormones.

Treatment of increased lactation hormone levels in men

Among the reasons that may affect the process of reproduction and fertility in men is an increase in the proportion of the prolactin hormone produced by the pituitary gland. Treatment is possible using several medical methods and means.

Treatment of congenital abnormalities of the reproductive system in children

Often a child is born with a problem in the sexual organs that includes some abnormalities such as deviation of the penis or a urethral disorder, or the presence of two openings to urinate or the absence of the opening, and among these problems that affect the reproductive future of the child is the problem of the undescended testicle and its consequences. These problems can be treated through surgical intervention and Dr. Salah Zedan specializes in dealing with these cases with great skill and accuracy. The distinguished results that were made at his hands attest to that.

Installing the penile stent

In cases of erectile dysfunction that do not respond to treatment with pills or local injection into the penis, the solution may be by installing a penile implant, which requires the help of a specialist doctor with great experience in this field.

The fields in which you can resort to Dr. Salah is many and varied, and due to the great experience he has, you can rely on him to solve your medical problems quickly and safely.